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im in tech class and i realizeed i havent been updating. i am so  sorry everyone. i worked really hard to get the password. everytime i changed it it said somthing about my username its been almost two months. i promise i will go on everyday from now on, and i will make it up some how. if i did this on my other sites no one would care. but many people contact me about this site telling me how they go on all the time. also you might have noticed that maker one hasnt been on in a while. what happened is that she moved away. i will send her the password today. i think thats all. i am in tech class so i cant post videos right now but i can put pictures.


also over the time i was gone i developed a passion in still life photagraphy so i will be puting some of mine on her. i have deviant art my username is corisonorea. some people have asked why i havent put my videos on here. its because they are not g-rated  and i know kids go on this site.



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maker 1

(Rebecca, 2011-07-05 05:08)

Hey! This website looks greeeattt!!! im so sorry i havent been on in a while... i dont have the passswordd :( i miss you! text me or email me sometime!

Re: maker 1

(maker 2, 2011-07-22 05:22)

it been forever since we have talked. i actually quit coming on this site but i got a notice on my email since you posted so i thought i would cheack it out. do you have a facebook deviantart or gaia account. those are the only sites i really go on . i am getting a new pet in a few days. well how have you been? im making a new site for my cosplaying group. i havent really got it fully set up, but you can cheack it out if you want http://la-roycosplays.webs.com/