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 in case u r new to the copsplay universe a cosplay is when u dress as people from tv shows and stuff like that and act just like them or be funny somtimes there only funny if you have watched the real show a few times srry but the only animes we could find were naruto,fruits basket,inuyasha,bleach and pokemon

JAC - Cup of RamenJAC - The Bleah SkitJAC - The Villiage of DDRNaruto Cosplay

Kakashi Has FunNaruto CosplayMOMIJI WANTS TO COOK TOO! o wo''Hatori's Cooking LessonsRitsu CookingAkito Cooks for the Cook-Off Pt 1Akito Cooks for the Cook-Off Pt2InuYasha Cosplay


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Hellz yeah, PIKACHU!

(Ryuzaki Lawlite, 2010-08-28 17:52)

i see pikachu^^

yeah anime

(sam, 2009-08-31 15:09)

u have all my fav animes